The Contimetal – Stainless Steel has pleased to offer quality products, produced with skilled labor, new technologies and material with quality certificate.

Our products and services, there are minimum warranty of 01 years, after all stainless steel are made to last!

History and philosophy

The Contimetal – Stainless Steel was Born in July 1991 in order to innovate the market with competitive and quality solutions in producing stainless steel for industries.

We keeps its headquarters in Hortolandia , city strategically located in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas ( RMC ) , technological and logistical development center in Brazil, close to the main roads that connect the interior , the capital and the coast of São Paulo , in addition to being close to the largest port and cargo airport in Brazil.

For the industrialization of equipment and parts, we keep an enhancement techniques and use of stainless steel in order to ensure adequate solutions to the needs of our clients and deadlines. Therefore , we maintain trained and qualified personnel, own unique machinery for working with stainless steel , thus ensuring that no contamination and therefore keeping the extended quality of the final product.

Process Bolier Solder Finishing Final inspection Packing Dispatch
  • Quality in the process and product.
  • Compliance with the deadline.
  • Fair price.
  • Materials only with quality certificate.
  • Minimum 12 months warranty on services and products.

Producing stainless steel products, developing solutions that accompany the change of environment and processing industries in order to benefitting all involved.

Being a competitive company, excellence and recognized in the market segment for quality and reliability.

Ethics, respect for others, oneself to the environment, honesty, collaboration, simplicity, commitment, efficiency and effectiveness.

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